I put myself out there.

Like- really out there.

But it was too fast.

I went all-in on LinkedIn. Remember that feeling of overwhelm I was talking about? Well, being a fairly driven person, those freebies about my new business have gotten me many a time; I’m giving my email address to anyone who wants it in exchange for that PDF.

I signed up for one freebie that promised a new client in seven days- excellent! Well, the problem was it worked. A little too well.

As a new copywriter, Mama of a 20-month-old, and a former teacher, I thought…

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My virtual doors to my business have been open for one month, I’ve made more money than I expected, but today I broke.

You see, I am a teacher. I’ve always been a teacher at heart. I won’t bore you with the age-old tale of lining my stuffed animals up and giving my younger sister worksheets that every other teacher has told you (even though I totally did those things). But I walked away. I walked away from something that has been my passion since I was three years old.

I became a Mom in 2019 and went on extended…

If you are a high school student looking toward the future (or a parent of one) and are looking into higher education, you are in the right place!

Why do you need a “how-to” for the college essay? Because it is not like anything you’ve written before- at least academically. You are going to be writing about yourself, about an experience you’ve had, and you need to convey why it matters. There are a few simple steps you can take to start on this process. …

On a rainy day in May, my students sit in rows.

I woefully scream at them that they better go to the restroom now because soon they will have to be escorted due to concerns of disseminating information. This is not the way I want to run a classroom. It feels eerie and totalitarian.

No groups.

No talking.

No asking questions.

Photo Credit: David Pennington

I have to tell them that I can pronounce a word for them but cannot help them to understand. Cannot. Help. Them. It’s heartbreaking. They stare at me blankly for a few seconds as this is something they have…

Hey, fellow Mamas and Dadas! We’ve all been there- baskets of toys overflowing to the brim, general clutter, and the feeling of overwhelm that comes with all of this. If you are looking to pare down your toy room into a fun, manageable space this list may have some tips that could get you going in the right direction. Read on for the top 10 favorites of my sweet daughter and me!

1. Basket of Babies These plush dolls are so cute and soft! My 18-month-old loves to take their blankets on and off. It is perfect for language development…

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When the wedding invitation arrived in the mail we were excited. This would be the fifth out of seven weddings for my group of college girlfriends. We had each found someone we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, and the best part was, we all approved of each others’ partners! How often does that happen? Then it hit us; the wedding was being held in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. We debated and debated; neither of us had the time to take a day off of work that Friday or Monday to make the travel easier, neither of us wanted…

The beauty, the grace, the movement- it’s all so perfect when a routine truly comes together. I have been a dancer for the better part of my life. I started when I was three years old doing ballet, tap, and jazz. When my tap teacher passed away, I decided that I no longer wanted to tap anymore. This left me to become more expert in the areas of ballet and jazz as I grew older. I did take a break from dancing in my “tween” years, but I came back to it at the beginning of ninth grade and was…

**Spoiler Alert: Bridge To Terabithia’s ending is revealed in this post.

The bags were packed and we all piled into the big green van. The big green van was our beloved traveling companion, the one we had come to know and love. My sister and I had made the back of the van our own personal fortress. We knew exactly where the pillows went and how to finagle the seatbelts just so in order to nap. We had the miniature TV set up in front of us in order to watch “Spice World” and the camera up and running in…

Erin Cryder

Erin Cryder is a freelance writer specializing in all things childhood and education. You can visit her website at www.erincrydercopywriting.com to learn more!

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